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Porsche crocodile Key Cases 911

by MCO

All custom-made Porsche Fobs are handmade and hand-stitched to suit your exact design needs. We use only the highest quality leather materials. 
You can email us prior to making the Porsche Key Case let us know whether you would like a belly cut, flank cut, or back cut and whether you would like larger scales or smaller scales. 

  • Crocodile Leather leather Siamanesis, Nile and Porosus 
  • Louisiana alligator 
  • Lizard 
  • Ostrich
  • Python 


Production Time

2 - 4 Weeks Production Time  

Products custom made 
For products custom made, you can cancel the order 1 day from the date of order. For finished and delivered products we do refunds only if the delivered product is not done properly, or other than ordered. For custom-made goods, we do not offer a right of return for the manufactured products, as the products have been manufactured to the specific specifications of the customer's request.

History Porsche Company Logo
Porsche's company logo stems from the coat of arms of the Free People's State of Württemberg of Weimar Germany of 1918–1933, which had Stuttgart - Germany. 

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Customer Reviews

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beautiful shaded crocodile leather

Being a stickler for both form and function, I recently had the pleasure of commissioning a 911 Porsche key case from the craftsmen at MCO. And the workmanship was nothing short of sublime.

Made of the finest ivory crocodile leather, the key case boasts a supple, resilient, and incredibly tactile surface. Subtle changes in light and shadow create a depth and dimension that make this piece stand out.