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About US


Mco - finest handmade exotic Leather Products is a brand of Mcogroup Global Development Limited with CEO and owner Phil Schneider. Our two headquarters are in Stuttgart - Germany and Hong Kong Island. The origins and inspirations of our company go back to the Grandfather Josef Schneider of the company owner, who was already active in the trade and manufacturing of leather and textile goods in Austria and the USA since the 1930s. For the production of our bracelets requires a lot of attention to detail. All types of leather are still processed in elaborate manual work according to the rules of traditional bag maker art. Gentle procedures guarantee you environmentally friendly leather products - whereby each product from our house is a unique masterpiece.  

Our factory manufactures Watch straps, Handbags, Vintage travel bags, Briefcases, Credit Card Etui‘s, Wallets, Leather Fashion, Dog Collars, Accessories. Our factory works with the following types of leather: crocodile, alligator, calfskin, lamb, ostrich, horse, lizard, stingray, Python. As MCO we want to redefine quality and luxury and therefore combine our experience in manufacturing, material sourcing and quality controlling for international brands to create beautiful and unique designs and products for our customers.

Our company has the strategic advantage of being a shareholder in several crocodile farms. Directly connected to the crocodile farms is our in-house tannery.  The crocodile skins can be processed in matt and gloss, antique, silk and Nubuck. Our manufactory produces unique pieces, our own brand and customer collections. 

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